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How People Relate to Media Characters

Featuring research that was designed, conducted, analyzed, and presented at various International Conferences including Society for Affective Science and Society of Personality and Social Psychology. 

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Why you want Dr. Alisha Conover on your research team: 

The research presented here is one of over 10 projects that I completed within my Psychology PhD program where I was involved with the research project every step of the way. I thought of and designed the research question and completed the necessary background review on the topic to assure it had not been done before. I built the survey and interview designs using personalized research-centered questions and established measures and recruited the participants. I collected the data, managed the security and privacy of the data, analyzed the data running simple analyses like correlations and complex analyses like multiple hierarchical regression models. I presented this research at a variety of speaking engagements both within the University and across national conferences. All while simultaneously managing teams of research interns. 


Here is what this all means in Industry Speak:

  • I designed a testable research question based on feedback from upper management. 

  • Completed competitor analyses that identified existing pain points and helped to establish a problem.

  • Built out user surveys, conducted usability studies, and completed one-on-one and focus group interviews that identified the key target questions of upper management and the company.  

  • Recruited users to complete the survey/interviews, managed the financial feasibility of the research project, and created incentives for users.

  • Managed users' data privacy and security, collected the user data, and successfully handled areas of missing user data.

  • Analyzed large and complex data sets using both descriptive methods, qualitative methods (e.g., identifying themes), and quantitative methods (e.g., advanced statistical methods).

  • Gathered user insights and presented those user insights in a digestible way both visually and verbally. Highlighted KPIs and identified areas of improvement and success throughout the product experience. 

What I can bring to your team (in addition to all of the above):

  • I have 7+ years of experience successfully building and managing various research projects from start to finish, and am an expert at all steps of the project lifecycle. 

  •  I am an expert at quantitative research, qualitative research, mixed methods research, and survey design aimed to assess and understand human behavior. 

  • I can align user research to address multiple topics within one round of data collection. 

  • I am an innovative thinker that works well under pressure and can operate both independently and on a team. 

  • I can successfully form digestible insights for a variety of audiences and create data visualizations. 

Have questions? I am happy to share more about the unique value of having a Behavioral Scientist on your UX Research team. 

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