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The Cultivated Mindset

The Cultivated Mindset is a passion project I created to serve as an industry-leading advice-focused mental health platform. While there are other competitors and mental health resources available, interactions and access with mental health professionals is limited. A new direction is needed and the Cultivated Mindset as a company aims to overhaul current mental health resources by providing access to advice and perspectives from users. This forward thinking will ensure that the company and platform remains competitive in the long run. We set out to create a brand-new design system to ensure The Cultivated Mindset encompasses best-in-class usability and aesthetics across all corners of the app. I led the project and worked on all aspects of the new design system, including its visual, UX and motion design. I also revamped the UX of key pages while usability studies helped implement my designs.

Media Characters and Emotions

People can acquire lasting emotional reactions by observing the emotional reactions of media characters. The extent to which people typically utilize characters in media (e.g., tv shows, movies) for emotion regulation is unknown. The purpose of this study was, to assess interpersonal emotion regulation (IER) between a media viewer and a para-social agent (e.g., an individual’s “favorite” TV/movie character); and to discover the role of genre selection in regulating the viewer’s emotions. 577 young adults, majority Asian American (42%) or Hispanic (33%) participated.  Media choices aligned with people’s hedonic regulatory goals (75% watched to change a negative emotion; 67% watched to keep a positive emotion). Relying on media to help regulate was related to how much participants wanted to be like their favorite character, know what their favorite character would do in an emotional situation, and seek advice from their favorite character (rs(536) >.36, ps < .001). 

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Streaming Services and Personalization

Media streaming services are industry-leading entertainment platforms, but the design and user experiences are becoming increasingly outdated compared to future applications and developments. A refocus is overdue and will ensure entertainment streaming platforms remain competitive in the long run. We set out to create a more personalized design system to ensure streaming services encompass best-in-class usability and innovative facets of user engagement and input. I led the project and am currently working on building out all aspects of the new design system, including how users would want to engage with media both consciously and unconsciously. I aim to use my behavioral research and user experiences skills to revamp the user's product experience and create personalized and immersive products. 

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