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2022 - 2023

Google UX Design Certification

  • Completed the 15 module Google UX Design Certificate program, showcasing proficiency in user-centered design principles and methodologies.

  • Applied Google's industry-leading UX design principles to create intuitive interfaces and seamless user experience for 3 hands-on projects. 

  • Conducted user research, created personas, and developed user flows to inform and guide design decisions for 3 projects.

  • Designed interactive prototypes using tools like Figma or Adobe XD to visualize and communicate design concepts effectively.

  • Utilized usability testing and data analysis to iterate and refine designs for optimal user satisfaction.


2021 - Present

University Lecturer, Instructor

  • Developed learning objectives for over 200+ students Instructed and guided students in analyzing and synthesizing evidence to form original interpretive arguments

  • Planned and presented over 60 lectures on diverse topics, communicating complex ideas to diverse audiences with varying degrees of familiarity with subject materials

  • Demonstrated strong interpersonal and communication skills, resulting in clear subject matter discussion with students.

  • Encouraged class discussions by building discussions into lessons, actively soliciting input, asking open-ended questions and using techniques to track student participation.

  • Established and maintained inclusive, collegial and collaborative culture within classroom.

  • Exceeded college averages in content comprehension and overall student satisfaction by 40%. 

  • Evaluated and provided critical feedback on over 1,000+ assignments. 

2018 - 2023

Research Project Manager

  • ​Effective project planning, execution, and on-time delivery within budget for three large scale research studies.

  • Led over 20+ undergraduate students with a variety of background and experience on different teams to achieve project objectives.

  • Developed and supervised 12+ trainings for research team learning and overall project improvement. 

  • Proactive management and delivery of insights by ensuring clear communication and alignment with the study objectives, presenting research insights

  • Expertise in risk management and ethics with human subject research, identifying and mitigating project risks for success.

  • Strong communication, reporting, and quality assurance skills for project excellence.

  • Managed on-boarding and training program for over 30+ research assistants. 

  • Increased outside funding opportunities for undergraduate students in psychological research by $6,000. 

2018 - 2023

Research Scientist

  • Maintained confidentiality of all patient information to conform to HIPAA, internal, ethical, and other regulatory standards.

  • Performed research into emotion science, media, and storytelling to increase knowledge and provide valuable contributions within the field.

  • Wrote research papers, reports, reviews, and summaries regarding emotions, media, and health and wellbeing.

  • Presented research at conferences and other speaking engagements.

  • Generated data models and performed analysis to produce reports outlining results.

  • Organize and lead bi-weekly lab meetings working with and instructing teams of 20+ undergraduates in data analysis, project development, and administrative duties.

  • Led and developed innovative research projects focused on experimental design, survey and qualitative research, and exploration of past research.

  • Ran large scale studies that include survey design and mass data collection, interviews, and analysis.

  • Ability to effectively translate data into actionable insights that promote guidance in next steps.

  • Demonstrated excellence in communication and and grant-writing by supervising undergraduate research assistants in winning $6,000+ in fellowships and grants from the UC organization.


2018 - 2023

UC Riverside |
PhD Degree

My PhD degree represents years of dedicated research and a specialization in Psychology. With a focus on Emotion Science and Health and Wellbeing, I gained a comprehensive understanding of this area and developed strong skills in critical thinking, problem-solving, and research methodology. Equipped with this expertise, I am well-prepared to make significant contributions to my field and address real-world challenges effectively.

2018 - 2020

UC Riverside |
Master’s Degree

With a master's degree in Psychology specializing in Lifespan Development, I possess a comprehensive understanding of the intricate processes that shape human growth across different life stages. Through extensive coursework and research experiences, I have honed my skills in assessing individual needs and designing tailored interventions to foster psychological well-being across all ages of the lifespan. Equipped with this expertise, I am committed to making a positive impact that support individuals' development and resilience.

2015 - 2017

CSU Long Beach |
Bachelor's Degree

My bachelor's degree in Psychology, complemented by a minor in Sociology, has provided me with a well-rounded understanding of human behavior and societal influences. Through my studies, I have gained valuable insights into the complexities of the human mind and the social dynamics that shape individuals and communities.

& Expertise

  • SPSS // R Programming Language // Qualtrics // Figma // Adobe XD // Microsoft Excel // Microsoft Office // Google Slides // Basic knowledge in Adobe Photoshop // SQL // Power BI // Interactive Web Design

Design and Research 
  • User research // Wireframing // Usability studies // Presentations and Public Speaking // Publications // Prototyping // Mixed methodology // Qualitative Research // Quantitative research // Data Analytics // Survey Design 

  • Communicative // Gives Design Critique + Feedback // Strong Speaker // Detail-oriented // Team Player // Innovative // Hard worker // Time Management // People Management // Supervising // Training and Development 

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